Filming your fashion

Before anything is shot, we ensure we're perfectly capturing the aesthetics of your brand and product. We collaborate using moodboards, location scouting, and shotlists. 

Step 1:

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High quality equipment and gear. Experienced directors, producers, models and actors. Light on our feet and adept at improv. 

Step 2:


Edited cinematically for focus, appeal and purpose. Fashion films, look books and social media content, all fine tuned for your brand and vibe. 

Step 3:

Below is a selection of available services for your brand, product line or fashion service. 


Each product is cinematic, high quality and fine tuned to best showcase your product. Content can be produced a la carte, but we suggest purchasing a package or subscription to collaborate on multiple products.

Fashion Films

  • A cinematic video for your products that tells a story

  • Emotionally connects with your ideal audience 

  • Available in vertical format for social media

  • Lengths include 60 and 120 second videos

Social Media Production

  • Social media videos produced from start to finish for your fashion brand designed to boost engagement and brand awareness.

  • Standard video posts to keep followers engaged across all platforms

  • Content may include motion graphics

  • Available in vertical format for social media

  • Lengths include 15, 30, and 60 seconds videos


  • We film a collection of looks from your brand

  • Ideal for showcasing a new collection

  • Available in vertical format for social media

  • Lengths include 15, 30, and 60 seconds videos

Documentary Filming

  • Cinema quality documentaries and web series in the fashion space

  • Long form films that give a deeper insight into your business or products. Excellent for showing customers your process

  • Projects like these usually involve the owner, designer, and/or staff

  • Includes interviewing select individuals and capturing B-roll

From Angela, Azura

We're totally impressed with [STBY's] work. It has beautiful visuals in its own stylish way. He's also professional and provided us with updates and progress in a timely manner. [STBY] made such high-quality videos for Azura. They were engaging and speak to the right audience. Looking forward to having future projects with him.

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