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Why Successful Fashion Brands Film Lookbooks

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Most brands know that they need to shoot lookbooks but we want to explain why they are so important to the growth and brand awareness of their fashion brand. Here are three of the most important reasons why STBY Studio focuses so heavily on lookbooks.


If you are in the fashion business, you know what a lookbook is. For those just getting into the fashion industry, a Lookbook is a video or series of photos that conveys the essence of your brand through creative storytelling.

1) Clear Brand Communication

A lookbook is the best way to communicate with your audience, customers, and buyers. It’s a key method to portray the vision you want to share with the world. It shows your buyer that you have taken the time to develop and release a collection with a clear aesthetic.

Your brand is important, and a lookbook captures the values that are important to that brand by connecting those traits to your collection. It’s always more effective to show rather than tell, and a lookbook is a simple, subtle way of embedding your brand’s presence in your work.

2) Developing Customer Identity

With so many fashion brands to choose from, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay relevant. Most of the time, customers either shop for price or shop by brand. Developing methods of having your customer to shop by brand is the best, most impactful method of differentiating your company.

Beyond just selling your products, the #1 product you’re selling your customers is a lifestyle, an aesthetic, defined by branding of your company. When they can see themselves in the world you create, they will buy into that world. Lookbooks create a vision that’s very easy for your customers to visualize themselves in that world. There isn’t a celebrity or character there to crowd the image and leaves the door wide open for your customers to subconsciously imagine themselves as the icon in your lookbook, wearing your band.

3) Speed and Versatility

Digital lookbooks are much quicker and more versatile than traditional printed lookbooks. Once you book a shoot, you may receive your content as quickly as a week depending on your shoot and who you hire. This means that you can begin marketing and promoting your collection sooner than other brands who aren’t utilizing lookbooks. Lookbooks are extremely practical, and allow you to publish content that’s on-brand, on-message, and easy to approve.

You can then repurpose that video into the emerging social media platforms! Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are great ways to gain organic followers. With one lookbook you can maximize your reach and make sure you’re visible wherever your customer is!

Do you Need A Lookbook?

If you’re looking to invest in lookbooks for your brand, STBY Studio is the perfect place to get affordable and cinematic lookbooks. We specialize in creating content for fashion brands. In addition to lookbooks, we also offer fashion films, social media content, and fashion documentaries!

We just launched our new and improved services package that simplifies the decision making process, and allows us to produce a steady stream of content for your brand. Our monthly subscription packages are streamlined and more affordable (by up to 40%) than finding, discussing and then hiring videographers per project.

Get in touch and bring your brand to life with STBY Studio’s lookbooks

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