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The Secret To Growing Your Fashion Brand

As the glamorous fashion industry continues to become more accessible and visible to the masses, we are seeing a lot of successful fashion brands pop up. Drop shipping, E-commerce shops, and the rapid growth is all possible through social media platforms. So what’s the secret to growing your fashion brand with so much competition? Here are our top three secrets!


Palladium Branded Shoot
We scripted the ad while keeping Palladium's brand in mind: rebellion, agency, ruggedness.

Pick Your Niche

We know you’ve heard this before so we’ll make it quick. Picking your niche is crucial. It’s easier to market and promote your fashion brand, to use keywords for your SEO, and to establish yourself as the premier brand to shop for that specific product. Are you targeting sneaker heads who want a streetwear look? Plus sized bodies who want to look classy? Eco conscious people who crave a minimal look? Pick your lane and go all in!

Establish Your Identity

This should be where creativity flourishes. This is your mission, your brand, your storytelling, and your aesthetic. These should all appeal to your target audience. You want to create the perfect visual environment when somebody visits your website or social media account. This is where you build a personal connection with your audience.

If you execute this correctly, you’ll see more engagement and customer retention over time. Remember, it’s better to have fewer followers who are your target audience than to have many followers who don’t connect with your brand.

Show Your Process

Statistics show that customers crave engagement, content, and consistency from their favorite brands. People want to see the people behind the brand and they want to know what goes on behind the scenes. Sharing the ups and downs in your business builds a stronger story that your customers can be a part of. People feel good when they can support a business and see growth year after year.

You can implement this by posting photos and videos of you working on a new collection, sampling new fabrics, behind the scenes of photoshoots, or even investing in a documentary on your business. These don’t have to be super polished, professional, or expensive content to produce. There is a time and place for a film crew and fancy gear, but most of this can be shot on your phone.

Let STBY do the Work

Like all business owners, there’s an endless list of things to do to maintain your business. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by other tasks but want to focus on creating content, reach out to our team! We can handle all of your content needs with high quality, fast turnaround time, and at a price that you’ll love!

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