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3 Steps to Starting a Successful Series

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Today we took a big step forward with our Philly Fashion Spotlight series. We met with the leaders of a local sustainable fashion brand, and discussed options to shoot our first of many in our docuseries, Lobo Mau. This is how we got started.

Brainstorm A Backup, And Then Do It Again

We knew we wanted to shoot with a group that stood for something that mattered, and for that reason, Lobo Mau was at the top of our list. Nevertheless, our team still got together and proposed three brands and companies in Philly that we felt would be good subjects to shoot for the Philly Fashion Spotlight. We each made our case for our top choices, and then grouped the rest as 'backups'. We reached out to our top 3, and waited. Then plan was to reach out to the other six if none of our top 3 choices were interested.

This way, we had our top choice, two backups, and then six more backups. If they all responded positively, we'd simply shoot our first three episodes! We were absolutely shooting this series!

Establishing Focus

The next step for in our production process was to double check what our goals, focus and priorities were when it came to shooting this series. What step of the fashion design process did we want to focus on? Individuals or groups? Fashion design or fashion production?

It took a good bit of discussion, compromise and pitching to get down our focus, but at the end of the day, this is what we came up with:

"The goal of the docuseries is to highlight key fashion idealists, visionaries and creators in the Philly area. We want to tell the stories of the people who make everyone else look good."

Then, we set up a meet with Lobo Mau.


We knew our focus for this episode was going to be on fashion, why sustainability is important, and how "slow fashion" can go mainstream. When we sat down for a Zoom call with Maddie, Nicole and Jordan, we focused on making sure we discussed shooting and highlighting the most important parts of their process.

We discussed when the best day of the week would be for us to shoot, and what time would be optimal. We considered who to interview, and what parts of their process they believed was the most important to shoot.

And that was that! We're going in next week and shooting the first episode of Philly Fashion Spotlight. Hope you're as excited as we are!

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